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Whole School

Key Worker and vulnerable children – 5 January 2021 (last page error)

Important Closure letter – 4 January 2021

Important Christmas Holiday COVID-19 information

Christmas Holiday Flowchart

Spring Term PE – Updated letter of PE sessions (Y1-Y6)

Dates for Diary December 2020 – Christmas events

Flu Vaccination (Non Porcien content) letter – Not Nursery pupils

Parental Consultation and Christmas Information 2020 – Important information

Children in Need – Friday 14 November

My Child’s Art – Christmas Card designed by your child

Family Thrive Workshops

Indoor Winter PE letter 2020 – Amended advice on PE sessions

Starting School in September 2020 – Covid19 Important Information

Head Lice Information

Reception Application Letter – To be completed by Friday 15 January 2021


Year 1
Year 3

Phonics Screening Checkย 

Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Secondary School Application letter – To be completed by Saturday 31 October 2020
After School Clubs


Head Injury Information

Due to Covid restrictions, we are no longer sending home Head Injury Information slips. School will now contact you via email with details of the incident.

Any minor Head Injury incidents will no longer prompt phone calls to parents/carers. The office will now only make phone calls if:

- The parent has specifically requested that all head injury incidents are reported by telephone.

- They have been asked to ring by the first aider or the class teacher.

If you have any queries, please contact the school office.

Thank You