School Meals

All meals are cooked on the premises and are eaten in the school hall. The school meals service provide a wide range of healthy choices, and there is always fresh fruit available.

The current cost of a school lunch is £11.00 per week (or £2.20 per day)

Due to the pandemic school will no longer accept any cash in school.  All dinner money should be paid at the start of each week online through our secure Eduspot software by clicking though here. If you think you would be entitled to Free School Meals then please click through here to access the Gateshead site to apply.

To download a copy of our current menu please click on the link below.  Please note that in order to comply with the current Covid19 guidelines the menu is limited with a dessert that will be to ‘pick up and go’.  We will update the menu when the guidelines are relaxed.

School Meals Menu 2020/21

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