School Information/Returning Children

Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic, a decision has been made in school that moving forward we will become a paperless school.  All letters will be obtained from the website or messages sent from the school office. 

The majority of correspondence will be carried out by email so please ensure that school has your correct details.  Please also note that no money will be accepted into school for any dinners/visits/uniform.  This must all be paid on the Eduspot website and if you require new log in details please contact the school office.  Thank you.

We would request that all parents/carers complete the Pupil Information Booklet 2020 for the new school year and return to by 1 July. This must be updated annually to ensure all changes are made within school.  We would also be extremely grateful if you would complete a FSM application form.  This would ensure school receives Pupil Premium funding and your child will be eligible for additional support within school for dinners and residential visits.

No orders for school uniform or payment will be accepted in school.  This must be ordered through the Emblematic website by clicking here.  If you would like to purchase new school uniform please be aware that if you place an order prior to 1 July 2020 then this will be sent to your home address with no delivery fee. Unfortunately, after this date there may be a delivery charge to your home address as deliveries can no longer be accepted into school.  The order form can also be found under the Uniform tab and remember that children only require PE kit from Y1 to Y6.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding at this time and as we aim to make school a safer environment for everyone.