Miss Abbi Thubron


Physical Development Leader

Hi, I’m Miss Thubron and I love jokes!

There were two tortoises walking towards each other, they crashed, it was a turtle mess!

Back to Lobley Hill. I first came to this super school in 2004. After teaching here for a year I took some time out to travel which included voluntary work in different parts of South Africa and some excellent diving in Thailand. I was then lucky enough to be offered supply work then a permanent post back at Lobley Hill. The rest is history.

I am the PE leader which I absolutely love. I like the challenge of co-ordinating the coaches, after school clubs, events and tournaments along with planning events in school such as Healthy Term and other exciting opportunities. What makes this possible and all the more enjoyable is the the fact I work with such amazing children and brilliant staff that are enthusiastic and keen to develop and maintain their own physical and mental health. Along with the children and staff it has been a pleasure to get to know the families and local community over the years, scary to see babies all grown up now!

In my free time I love being outside, mainly by the sea, with my dog and family or friends. I enjoy being in the water too either attempting to surf, paddle board or just generally getting my feet wet. I’m always interested in exploring new places whether that be a new area or just a new walk at a National Trust venue.

Thanks for reading and maybe evening giggling at my joke.


Posted on

26th January 2019