Nursery Admissions 2023-24

NURSERY ADMISSION APPLICATION FORM 2023-2024.  Please contact school on 0191 433 4080 to enrol your child and received the necessary documentation.


We are delighted to welcome your child to our Nursery class in 2023-24

School Uniform – All orders must be made online and the school supplier will provide delivery to your home address.  Alternatively, you can pop into Logos Unlimited on Team Valley or Swalwell (Just click on the Uniform page).  No orders can be accepted in the school office at present due to Health and Safety concerns.  All orders must be made as soon as possible in order for the items to be received before your child starts at school.  You can order online by clicking here.

Pupil Contact Information – This must be completed and returned before 14 July.  Completed forms must be returned  Again no booklets can be accepted in school due to the pandemic.

Pupil Information Booklet

Parent Information Booklet

Permission Form (only completed on entry – contact the school office if you change your preferences during your child’s time at Lobley Hill Primary School)

Additional Information – Miscellaneous additional information with regard to your Nursery child.  Please complete here.

Personal Care Parental Consent – Can you please complete this form prior to your child starting in the Nursery.  This will give staff consent to help your child change their clothing if they have an accident or if they are still in nappies or pull ups.  Please click here for the form.  Thank you.

We look forward to the new school year.

As we are unable to carry out tours of our Nursery at present please share the video below with your child.  This might help with any apprehension before starting in the Nursery unit.  We hope you enjoy it.